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The twelth North Berks Supertrial took place this weekend and what an amazing weekend it was

Our premier event just seems to get better and better each year. We had ALL of the country's top riders join us over the weekend, the weather on Saturday was slightly overcast with a ten minute rain shower, but we were basking in sunshine for most of the day on Sunday.

The Youth riders were first out of the blocks on Saturday and young Harry Turner lead the field away at 10am sharp, followed by Joe Faunthorpe and Jake Eley all riding on a no awards basis due to late entry. There were 11 riders in the youth class and the win was taken by local South Midland rider Gus Oblein on his SPJ Sherco 125 who completed the two laps of the Arena dropping just 30 marks which was an inspired ride. Charlie Smith took second place on the podium on 36 followed by North Berks Club member Brett Harbud on 51 fresh off his recent trip to Italy, Germany and Belgium. Fourth was Ben Dignan down from Fort William in the Highlands. Josh Wright took fifth on 68 and Will Clark, another local South Midlander took a well deserved sixth on 80. Adam Juffs just two marks behind Will on 82 was in seventh place. JST Gas Gas rider Jack Dance was sadly a non-starter due to an injured hand but he was watching the action closely and I'm sure he was wishing he was fit to ride.

The ladies B route riders started directly after the youths and followed them up to section one which was relatively straight-forward to ease them into the trial. Alice Minta took the top spot on her Inch Perfect Beta 125 for the loss of just 12 marks, Katlyn Adshead, second on 23 with Beth Dunning close behind on 29. Surrey based Jazz Hammond took fourth place dropping 33. Jennifer Stephen next down the placings on 44, just two marks ahead of Sophie Bailey on 46. Charlotte Kimber retired after lap one sadly.

The ladies A route qualifying laps were won by the British and World Champion Emma Bristow completing the two laps with the loss of no marks, riding immaculately as usual. Donna Fox had a great ride on her 4RT dropping just 9 marks. Jess Bown on her BVM sponsored Scorpa took third place for the loss of 18 marks. Hannah Styles next on the Vertigo dropping 32. A little way back on 65 was Victoria Payne closely followed by Gabby Whitham on 68. Sadly our Alicia Robinson had to pull out after just two or three sections after upsetting an injury she sustained whilst out in Europe a week or so ago and just couldn't hold on to the bike, she went to A&E to get checked out and was told it was muscle injury so needs to rest up for a while.

The six A class riders from the qualifying laps then went on to the final. Stu had been round the course tightening up the sections to test them further. They finished in exactly the same order as the qualifying laps. We did take a few marks off Emma in the final – she eventually finished for the loss of seven marks which again is amazing on the incredibly technical sections at Seymours. Donna finished on 23 and Jess on 28. Thanks to 'Brownie' for presenting the trophies to the winners.

That was day one event done and dusted, the North Berks team went out again that evening taking down the days section markers and making sure the Red and Blues were all set and ready to test the men the following day, 'The Waterfall' had been cleaned and filled ready, always a massive challenge for the riders, it is a daunting section when you stand at the foot and look up, even for these top class riders.

Sunday dawned rather overcast and blustery, the riders were due to start at 10.30, Stu took the riders round for th section inspection at about 9.30 which is always interesting, the sections are massive – climbs and rock steps that the ordinary club rider wouldn't even consider seems to be nothing for these guys, it has to be seen to be believed.

The two qualifying laps were run over nine sections and they were given three and a half hours to complete them. Jack Price took the win for the loss of just 11 marks. The country's current top rider James Dabill was only one mark behind on 12, 10 of those marks lost on the two visits to the waterfall, which seems to be Dibs achilles heal for some reason. The flambouyant Toby Martyn on his Mont 300 took third place, one mark back on 13 who was just one mark ahead of our Spanish guest rider Marc Riba on 14 who looked like he was really enjoying the technical Arena sections. The Peace brothers took fifth and sixth place on their JST Inch Perfect Gassers, Dan dropping 16 and Jack 24. Jack Sheppard was next on the MRS Sherco on 31 followed by 2016 Supertrial winner Iwan Roberts on the TRS on 39. Andy Chilton and local South Midlander Sam Haslam dropped 41 marks each, than came TRS mounted Ross Danby on 46, Tom Minta on 52 and Dec Bullock on 53. Wiggy was lower down the class than usual, after an injury he has had very little time on the bike this year, Alexz dropped 58 marks over the two laps. Young Billy Green was next dropping 62 marks. Connor Hogan from Australia took 16th spot dropping 75 marks, Hugo Jervis was four marks back on 79 and young Oliver Smith three marks behind on 82.

Once the qualifying laps had been completed the riders were given a well earned rest whilst the final lap sections were yet again tightened up and tweaked by the North Berks team headed by Stu Robinson who knows just how to test these top class riders to the max.

The top six riders from the qualifying laps went through to the final, so this was promising to be a tight finish as all six really were on their game and pushing for the win. Jack Price was the last one away as he had come out on top on the qualifying laps.

Section one which again was relatively easy for these guys was cleaned by all six riders, once completed they all moved on to section two, the famous 'Waterfall'. Toby launched up but got his timing wrong and fived it, Dibs got up for a two and Jack Peace had a steadying dab half way up, the rest of the field cleaned it which was impressive because the markers had been moved in slightly to drive the riders up the left hand side which is harder.

Then it was on to 'The Staircase', Jack Peace was first to attempt it, he didn't quite make the end gate in the allotted one and a half minute time allowance so was given a five by the minder. Dan Peace was also given a five here as it was observed his front wheel went outside a marker on the massive rock step just before the ends cards. Marc Riba, Jack Price and Toby Martyn all dropped one here, Dibs was the only one to get out of the section for a clean.

Section four took another five off Dan Peace. Marc Riba, Jack Peace and Toby Martyn got through this one for a clean, but Dibs and JP had a single dab each. Section five took another five off of Dan Peace together with Toby who again got his timing slightly wrong on the final rocky ascent. Jack Price was the only rider to get out on a clean the other three riders taking single dabs.

Only the top four riders were to continue in the final from this point. It was sad to see Toby and Dan having to drop out after their impressive riding over the course of the day, but that's the rules.

The four riders went on to tackle the refreshed 'Woodyard' – some of the massive tree trunks had gone rotten over the years so had been replaced this year, the final vertical tree trunk was still good for use – this is always a stopper. All four of the finalists made a great effort here but none were successful this year.

Jack Peace had some bike issues so had to rush off and sort them out and was playing catch-up, he dropped a five at the next section, the other three had got through on ones. Section eight took fives off three riders, again it was a large combination of steps just before the ends that caught them out. Dibs was the only one up here with spot on timing. Marc Riba and Jack Price fived section 9 which had a huge jump to the ends cards. Jack Peace got out for one and Dibs recorded another clean which made it a foregone conclusion, he had kept his crown as the Supertrial champion for 2018, the other three riders couldn't catch him even if he dropped five at the last.

So it was on to the last section which hadn't been used throughout the day, Jack Peace fived it, but sadly was well out of the running by now and took fourth on a final lap score of 28 marks lost. Jack Price dropped one here which gave him third spot on 19. The popular Spanish rider Mark Riba one mark ahead took second place dropping a total of 18 marks, which left James Dabill finishing on 11 marks lost for the lap! James always seems to be able to step his game up in the final, it really is awesome to see. Well done Dibs!

So that was another successful Supertrial over. A massive well done to Gus Oblein, Emma Bristow and James Dabill for taking the win in each class, but congratulations to each and every rider that rode over the weekend, you all put on an amazing show of skill and shear commitment attempting these huge sections. So thank you all for coming and taking part, the club hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you again next year, because no doubt we will be running it again in 2019, watch this space...

As usual there are numerous people to thank, firstly all of our partners and sponsors who we are indebted to. Thank you to our generous landowners who are kind enough to let us use the Arena, Mr & Mrs Seymour for the Arena itself and the car park fields and Well Barn Estates for the pits area. Thank you to the trade stands including the Burger and Ice Cream vans for taking the time and effort we hope it was a successful weekend for you too. Thank you to DDA for the supply of new marker pegs, sorry mate you got missed out of the programme.

A big Thank you to Dave Willoughby, Julian Wigg and Steve Saunders for their work on the microphone over the weekend, it wouldn't be the same without your knowledgeable commentating. Thank you too to Steve for presenting the men with their trophies.

Thank you as usual to all of the observers over the course of the two days, again we are indebted to you as always. Jimmy for scrutineering, Pat and Pat on the gate, Dunc on the front gate, the raffle ticket team including Mr Dodd on the raffle mic, you crazy man. Secretary of the meeting Claire for dealing with the paperwork and entries. Sue and Geoff for keeping tabs on the score and getting the final score sheets out for publication. Finally, thanks to all of the committee and club members that put in the huge effort to make this event the great success it is, too many people to mention, but you know who you are. I apologise if I've missed anyone.

There are more pictures on the Gallery page.

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend with us.




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It's the BIG ONE - The 2018 Supertrial

The North Berks SuperTrial is our biggest event of the year, we have the countries top riders join us and they are tested to the limit on the technical rock sections of Seymours Arena.

Stu and the team have had the heavy machinery in the Arena re-configuring the sections to test the World class riders that will be with us again this year.

The Ladies take centre stage on the Saturday morning. Ladies World Champion, Emma Bristow will be looking to retain her title which she has held since the first ladies North Berks Arena Trial in 2014. Donna Fox and Jess Bown will be trying their hardest to snatch the win and the rest of the field of top UK riders will be aiming to get on the podium for the glory.

This year we see Youth A and B classes competing on the Saturday, these include all the up and coming young stars of the future and what a promising bunch. These young guys will not be afraid of hitting the big stuff, they all ride National and/or World level trials, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in 2018.

Dibs was back in 2017, he was 100% focused and determined to regain his title on the infamous technical rock sections of Seymours Arena. He certainly didn't disappoint, putting on an amazing display of skill, although the qualification round was tight at the top he raised his game for the final and showed why he is the UK's current top rider. The rest of the field compete at the highest level in the British and World Trials Championships so any one of them could come away with the win on the day.

The action gets underway at 10.00 on Saturday with the Ladies Arena Trial, followed by the Youth A and B Trial. The guys get started at 10.30 on the Sunday morning so make sure you’re at Seymours to see the action unfold.



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DOWNLAND (National)

Seymours Arena

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Drayton Park Golf Club

30th November 2018

CLUB TRIAL – Rnd 1 (2019)

The Moors

26th December 2018




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Come for the weekend. There is free camping on the Friday and Saturday night, there’s always a great atmosphere in and around the Arena. Toilets and refreshments are on site and there will be plenty of trade stands on Sunday, including BVM-Moto, SXS-TRS, Acklams Beta, John Shirt GasGas, so there is a great opportunity to purchase some new kit or even place an order for that new bike you’ve been promising yourself.

Admission is £10 for adults, £5 for 5-16 year olds and under 5’s are free. Its a great family weekend so get it in your diary and make sure you get over to Seymours on 18/19 August.

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Brimpton Club Trial

Round 5 of the Club Championship was held at a new venue in Brimpton near Reading this weekend. We had 8 sections plotted around this fantastic piece of land that were to be ridden 4 times.

There were a variety of natural sections laid out around the wood using the stream beds that run through it, unfortunately a few of the sections cut out pretty badly and the going got a little harder than anticipated, but the majority of the field stuck with it. Four routes were marked out catering for all rider levels from hardened expert to complete beginner. We had 35 riders turn out for it which isn't bad for a Saturday.

Sadly we only had one expert enter, which was Tom Nicholas – at least we took a few points off him this time, an outstanding ride none the less.

Luke Hora took the honours in the Clubman 50/50 class dropping 70 marks, closely followed by his riding partner Thomas Hawthorne on 75, Jo Bayliss only two marks behind on 77, Liam Anderson who admitted wasn't riding to his best ability was a little further back losing 98 marks over the 4 laps.

Clubman B was won by Reynard Norris dropping 42 marks, Ryan Tomkins was looking really steady all day and took second place for the loss of 54. Mark Elms third on 61 and Dave Barrett a way back on 104.

Clubman C class was well supported with 10 riders entering. Brian Tomkins won this fairly convincingly dropping just 31 marks, Neil Harris second on 64, Tom Nicholls on 69 followed by Ian Horner on 74.

It was great to see father and son, Tim and Tom Hyde out on their first trial, having been over the Arena for a few of the practice evenings this summer. They had a good day riding the D route. Tim pipped son Tom to the win by 4 marks. Well done guys.

On to the Youth classes. Alicia Robinson took top spot in the Youth A class dropping 91 marks which goes to show how boggy some of the sections got, especially section one, we don't usually take many marks of 'Lici'. Young Joe Snelling, who travelled over from Leatherhead wasn't far behind dropping 96 marks.

Max Agar took the honours on the Youth B route dropping 91 marks, fresh from taking 3rd place in the British Trials Championship C Class last weekend up at Bracken Rocks. Well done Max, keep at it! Bailey Tidbury was on form on the day too just 2 marks behind Max on 93.

Only 2 riders finished in the Youth C class, Ben Nicholls won on 82 followed by Max Bird on 91.

Finally, Youth D – Nate Robinson who is more often seen on his pedal trials bike of late fancied a ride out on his Beta 80 and he took the win dropping just 3 marks, young Jonathan Brett made a great effort and came away on 23 marks and rode all of the sections which is brilliant, well done Jonathan, well done too to his Dad Tim who covered a few miles on foot trying to keep up with the Oset.

The club would like to thank the landowners for the opportunity to use their land and we hope that we get the chance to use it again, there is so much in there to make some amazing sections, next time we'll keep out of the boggy areas a bit more though. Thanks also to Mark Stokes who put a huge amount of effort into getting us the use of the land and plotting out the majority of the sections, awesome effort.

As usual thanks to the observers, we did struggle and failed to get all sections covered. Thanks to Andy Hora, Steve Nicholls, Jim Axford, Todd and Zak Jones, Duncan Agar, Leah Robinson, Claire Maynard-Robinson and Mark Anderson. Well done Mark Anderson for taking up the reigns in getting everyone signed on. Lastly Sue O'Sullivan for taking care of the number crunching to get the results up on Facebook the same evening.

The next event is the Supertrial on the 18 and 19 August, make sure you've got it in your diaries, you'd be mad to miss it...

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Next North Berks Club Trial

SATURDAY 28 JULY 2018, 11:00 Start.

Brimpton Lane, Brimpton, Reading (Nearest Postcode: RG7 4RF).

Round 5 of the Club Championship is just over a week away, its being held at a new venue in Brimpton near Reading. It's a fantastic piece of land, we're hoping to have 4 laps of ten sections, depending on available observers.

It will be a good ride round this large piece of land. There will be a variety of natural sections around the wood using the river and stream that run through it. Four routes will be marked out catering for all rider levels from hardened expert to complete beginner.

The nearest Postcode is RG7 4RF, look out for the Castrol signs on Brimpton Lane directing you to the parking area.

The trial is open to non-members, club joining fee applies, £7 Adults, £4 Youth for the year, plus the normal trial entry fee which is £15 Adult, £10 Youth. Enter on the day only.

Make sure you get there it promises to be a great day.


The landowner has just put this years Pheasant stock down




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Work has started at Seymours for 2018 Supertrial

Preparation for the 2018 Supertriial has started. Work got underway at Seymours this weekend. The team were there all weekend in the scorching sunshine re-configuring the Arena sections for North Berks premier event on 18 and 19th August. It’s going to be BIG – so get it in your diary, you’d be mad to miss it!

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What an amazing weekend!

North Berks MCC held their popular Summer 2-Day Club Trial this weekend. The weather forecast had promised good weather and it didn’t disappoint, we had wall to wall sunshine.

Saturday’s trial was due to start at 3pm, eight sections had been set out in and amongst the sandy banks and bomb holes at Besselsleigh near Abingdon. We had a fantastic entry of 41 riders and Stu Robinson got the trial underway at 3pm sharp sending each class off to different sections around this great piece of land we’re lucky enough to use once or twice a year.

Stu Belcher, who is running the Southern Centre Trials Academy Training Day on behalf of North Berks MCC on July 14th gave all the riders a heads-up on this fantastic opportunity to receive a full days tuition from top coaches from the Southern Centre. Its taking place on 14 July at Seymours Arena and we’re currently looking for more entries, there is more information about the day on the website, alternatively give Stuart Belcher a call on 07586 288979 he’ll be pleased to hear from you.

Back to the Trial – We had two riders tackling the Adult Expert route, being Tom Nicholas and brother Joe Nicholas. Tom took the honours going round clean for the day whilst Joe dropped 10 marks.

Clubman 50/50 route was won by Luke Hora who had a great ride dropping just 7 marks. Alex Taylor was placed second on 14, losing most of these on section 7. Joe Bayliss took 3rd on 15, closely followed by Lee Sullivan on 17.

Clubman B route was the most popular route for the day with nine riders. Reynard Norris took the win with a clean ride closely followed by Finley Belcher riding his dad’s TRS for the weekend on 4. Mark Elms came third dropping 8 marks and Stuart Belcher riding Finley’s Beta 125 came forth on 11 (I’ll leave them to argue whether it was the bike or rider that helped clinch that result).

Clubman C was again well supported. Gordon Pusey had the best result on this route dropping just 5 marks. Tom Nicholls on 10, Dereck Fowler on 18 and Todd Jones on 22.

Clubman D route had just one rider, Aaron Watson who went round clean.

The youth classes were well supported as usual. Brett Harbud won the Youth A class dropping just two marks which was an awesome ride, Alicia Robinson came second on 31 and George Clarke on 86.

Youth B was taken by Bailey Tidbury on 18 and second was Max Agar on 34.

A well earned Youth C win for Ben Nicholls dropping 46 marks, a way ahead of Amy Clarke who had bike trouble on 62. Josh Cole took third spot on 107.

Down to the littluns riding the Youth D route – Harry Wheeler took an impressive win dropping a mere 7 marks, Jonathan Brett riding his new Oset to second on 56 closely followed by young Amy Longdon (Daughter of the well known Maria Conway) on 63, let’s hope she has as much success as Maria did on 2 wheels.

That was day 1 done and dusted. A good number stayed over on Saturday night sitting out in the evening sunshine, its such a lovely venue to spend time with friends and family.

Sunday broke to blazing sunshine again, everyone that had stayed over rose early and there was a fantastic smell of bacon and sausages wafting across the field. Mark Anderson did the honours giving the rider briefing on Sunday morning and got everyone off for another great day of fun in the wooded copse.

Again we had a good entry of 38 riders across all the classes, there was an additional section that had been plotted for the second day and most of the other sections had been tweaked to keep every one on their toes.

Sunday saw five adult riders tackle the expert route. The win was taken by Tom Nicholas again riding immaculately and going round with a clean sheet. Tom Plant took second place dropping a few slack dabs here and there on a total of 7. James Grist a little further back on 17, followed by Joel Tett on 24.

Clubman 50/50 route saw the same three riders taking the top spots as the previous day. Luke Hora taking the win for 12 marks lost, one mark behind him was Alex Taylor, followed by Joe Bayliss on 17. Thomas Hawthorne stepped into forth today for the loss of 18.

Finley Belcher stepping up into the Clubman B adult class this weekend took the win dropping a mere 2 marks, great ride Fin and you beat your dad again, even if you did have his bike, Stu dropped 12 today. Sandwiched between father and son was Mark Elms, just one mark off Finley on 3. Patrick Middlehurst had a good ride losing just 16 marks over the 4 laps for forth spot.

Clubman C route was well supported today with a total of 9 riders. Club chairman Mark Anderson took the win on 7 after observing on the Saturday. Todd Jones in second on 16, Dereck Fowler took 3rd spot on 23 and Tom Nicholls dropped to forth today with 25 marks lost.

A couple of youth riders took on the 50/50 class. Elizabeth Tett came out on top dropping 38 marks, closely followed by Max Agar on 45. Great ride from you both.

Brett Harbud took the glory in the Youth A class riding the expert route for the loss of 5 marks, George Clarke a way back on 70 marks.

Bailey Tidbury was alone in the Youth B class and went round for a loss of 23 marks.

The top Youth C riders from Saturday swapped positions today, so Amy Clarke took the win on 39 riding Brett’s spare bike after blowing her Sherco up on Saturday and Ben Nicholls was relegated to second on 51. Jess Basford was third dropping 66 and Aaron Watson in forth place on 97.

Youth D was again won by young Harry Wheeler losing 17 marks, followed by Jonathan Brett on 50. Excellent results you two!

So that was it – another amazing North Berks event over. It really was a perfect weekend, the weather helped, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as the Club did putting it on.

Thanks as usual go out to all the usual helpers, from the course plotters that were out in the week previous to the trial. Sue for getting everyone signed on and number crunching the results out quickly. All our observers over the weekend, especially those that did both days, amazing!

Just a note for you all, our next Club Trial was due to be our Evening Trial at Seymours Arena on Wednesday 18th July, this will now be a normal Wednesday night practice session because we have the opportunity of using a new piece of land and are planning to hold round 5 there on the 29th July, we’ll have further info up on the website soon so watch this space.

Again, don’t forget the Southern Centre Trials Academy Training Day at Seymours Arena on July 14th. It’s a fantastic opportunity to receive a full days tuition from top coaches. There is more information about the day on the website, alternatively give Stuart Belcher a call on 07586 288979 he’ll be pleased to hear from you and tell you all about it.



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Summer Shows

North Berks were yet again invited to put on Trials Shows at the popular Wallingford Vehicle Rally and The Oxfordshire Young Farmers County Show and Rally in May.

A great time was had at both events and the public were blown away by the skill of the riders taking part. Thank you to Grundon for their ongoing support of the club at these events, they even had some specialist equipment made up for the riders to ride over this year which is fantastic.

Thank you too, to all of the riders that gave up their valuable time to promote the club and our sport.


Thomas Plant

Thomas O'Sullivan

Alicia Robinson

Nate Robinson

Mark Anderson

Liam Anderson

Josh Cole

Jonathan Brett

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North Berks MCC Southern Centre Trials Academy Training Day

Entries are now open and spaces are limited.

This is a fantastic opportunity to receive a full days tuition from top ACU Coaches. The day is open to all ACU affiliated solo trials riders of all ages and abilities, no club joining fee is required. Non ACU license holders can still be accommodated by obtaining a day license for an additional £3.

Due to the great success of the first round of this series, run by the Ringwood club, spaces are expected to be snapped up quickly.

Please forward your entry together with the accompanying fee to Stuart Belcher. See regs and entry form for full details.

Get Booked in Now!

If you require further information please contact:

Stuart Belcher on 07586 288979




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